The World Forum for Motor Museums is not just an international conference, for almost thirty years it has provided one of the most useful vehicles (pardon the pun) for museum personnel networking that has proved incredibly rewarding for all those taking part.


How often have we visited other museums and thought to ourselves, ‘’that’s a good idea, I can adapt and use that’’. At the World Forum you have the opportunity to discuss and develop new ideas, share and develop solutions to problems that in singularity appear to be barriers but when discussed as a group can provide fruitful suggestions if not complete answers. There is an old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved with the added comfort that comes from the realisation that other museum folk have similar problems.

haynes 059

American delegates at the 10th Forum,Haynes International Motor Museum

MP usa Bike

British Delegate Micheal Penn trys a GM design at the 11th World Forum,Detroit










Over a period of five days the delegates work hard and play hard taking every opportunity to learn from other delegates either from the podium or over coffee and cake during break times.


Coventry Transport Museum


Coventry Transport Museum









Planned field trips are designed to highlight behind the scenes methodology, often innovative methodology that can provide a useful addition to add to the delegate’s experiential knowledge base which in turn can be carried back to their own museums.


Holden Torana V8 (MMWA)


Australian Byfield with V12 Jaguar Motor (MMWA)









Perth 1

Motor Museum of Western Australia

Many delegates have developed bon homme and friendships that have gone on to provide fruitful relationships for many years. Looking back over 30 years attending this forum I my life has been enhanced by the many people of all nationalities that I have met during forum proceedings.

HRH Prince Michael of Kent opens the 10th Forum

HRH Prince Michael of Kent opens the 10th Forum

In these photographs there are representatives from over 20 countries many of whom are repeat participants many times over. The forum secretariat has links to over 1,500 transport museums worldwide. If your museum is not represented let us know, it costs nothing to be included.



Hidden collections in Italy


Panini Museum Italy. Cheese and Sports Cars