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Presentation 01:

The Racing Car as Art and Artifact: Interpretive Strategies, Visitor Experience, and the Ongoing Struggle for Relevance

Presentation 04:

Collecting at the Close: How to Turn the End into a New Beginning

Presentation 07:

Lamborghini Countach design contaminations through 50 years

Presentation 11:

TAM’s New Exhibition Space Reveals the Evolution of the Japanese Motor Industry in Japan


Presentation 16:

The Global Appeal of Japanese Cars of the 1980s and 90s


Presentation 02:

Provenance Research for Museum Employees and Their Patrons

Presentation 05:

Paving the Way for the Digital Auto Archives

Presentation 08:

90 (+1) years of Pininfarina style

Presentation 12:

The Influence of Ford & GM (1920-1940) on the Formation of the Japanese Automobile Industry


Presentation 17:

How OCLC Helps Libraries Share the World’s Knowledge to Fuel Learning, Research, and Innovation

Presentation 03:

There’s an App for That: Creating a Museum Mobile App

Presentation 06:

Copyright, Customs and Other Bad Things at the Border

Presentation 09:

American car exports to Central and Eastern Europe

Presentation 13:

Datsun USA Strategy in 1960 and Mr. K ’s Influence


Presentation 10:

Haynes Museum Post Covid topic

Presentation 14:

Obsolete Materials in Vehicle Restoration

Presentation 15:

Combustion, Exhaustion, and the Law: Intellectual Property and the Automobile